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In the news, Wall Street Journal April 13, 2022

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Wall Street Journal article 4-13-22

Wall Street Journal has taken notice of our new build-to-rent communities under the brand The Havenly.

It is humbling to have the work we are doing noticed in a prestigious publication with the reputation of the Wall Street Journal.  This article highlights the role that investors have and are having in the real estate market.  The article site a growing trend nationally of investors purchasing single-family homes from builders with the specific intent of renting them.  Rising mortgage rates and home values are highlighted in this article as “hurting the pool of individuals who can afford to buy new homes”.

“Investors say new rentals enable people to live in single-family homes in desirable neighborhoods, where they either can’t afford to buy or prefer to rent.” the article goes on to say.  Keystone Homes’ unique approach to this identified consumer need and the niche we can fill with The Havenly offers the lifestyle our residents desire without the mortgage.

The article highlights us in a few paragraphs:

“Builders like Rich Eneim, Jr., agree that sales to investors have strong appeal.  His firm, Keystone Homes in Scottsdale, Ariz., last year decided to refocus almost entirely on rental houses. Keystone has an 800-house construction pipeline…”

“One of Mr. Eneim’s latest developments is The Havenly Fountain Hills, a community of stucco-and-tile homes…”

“When we do a for-sale community, we have to sell, no matter what the price is, no matter what the market is, if it’s good or bad…”

Perhaps the article applies less to what Keystone Homes is doing with communities like The Havenly Fountain Hills but that is ok!  It’s not every day that you get to see images of your community and have your president, Rich Eneim, Jr. quoted in a national story!

The full article is available on their website here.

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